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Fight the Liberal Anti-Gun Agenda

I’m worried.

I am worried because our opponents in the Liberal Party have been relatively silent lately ever since their Senate Bill S-223 died in the current Parliament, until this week.

Remember, Bill S-223? This legislation wanted to go beyond Chretien’s Bill C-68 to restrict your rights to own private property. It sought to remove your right to store your private property, in this case a firearm in your own home. It would have brought back the long-gun registry by changing the word “registration” to the word “inscribed”. Every firearm would have to be inscribed.

And, Bill S-223 would have repealed all the good work that was accomplished by the previous Conservative Government with the passing of the Common Sense Firearms Act.

You can be sure that while Bill S-223 may be gone, it is not forgotten.

The good news is, there are at least 15 Liberal MPs who will be defeated next election if gun control extremists get their way, with another 18 right behind.

We need to keep the pressure on vulnerable MPs.

Any attempt to attack law-abiding gun owners with useless rules and regulations will be met head on.

You know I am not afraid to stand up for your rights.

Please, support the campaign to keep the long-gun registry scrapped!